At Regents Park State School, we believe in drawing on a variety of theories and perspectives in order to understand how children grow, behave, and think. We recognise that early school experiences of social interaction and relationships play a vital role in the development and growth of children. Our early years pedagogy is strongly influenced by sociocultural theory, which believes that children learn actively and through hands-on experiences. Through these interactions, learning becomes integrated into a child’s understanding of the world. We aim to work within a child’s ‘zone of proximal development’, by recognising what a child can do and when they require the help of more knowledgeable others.

Help give your child the best start to their schooling journey by getting the onto the Positive Pathway to Prep at Regents Park State School. By enrolling in Prep early the connection between home, school and education & care services are strengthened to best support your child and their positive transition to school. These transition opportunities will ensure that your child feels a part of their school before they even start. 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Enrolment Process​​

Enrolling for Prep in 6 easy steps…

  1. Find out when your child starts Prep

Use the online calculator to de​​​​termine when your child can commence their Prep Year.

     2.Check that you live within our school catchment zone

Please use this School Catchment Tool to see if you live inside our school catchment zone. We are only able to accept students who live inside this catchment zone. You will be required to bring proof of address when you enrol your child at Regents Park State School. 

    3.Complete a Prep enrolment enquiry

Complete the online form located at the bottom of this page to ensure a member of our Positive Pathway to Prep Team can contact you with any upcoming opportunities.  ​

    4.Book an interview & school tour

Prep enrolment interviews are held in the year prior to your child commencing their foundation year of schooling.  Our Team will contact you with information and instructions on how to book your interview and school tour.

Enrolment interviews provide the opportunity for you to visit our school environment and meet school staff in a relaxed setting. This is a time where any questions you have can be answered. 

Come on an adventure as we explore the school campus including our SPACE, tuckshop, playground, yarning circle, bush tucker garden, library, classrooms and more. Immerse yourself into our school motto of “Together we achieve” as we put on our imagination caps and work together to find our Green Sheep who is wandering throughout the school. Our interactive school tour is designed to employ age appropriate pedagogies and promote early literacy skills through the much loved childrens story. 

    5.Complete your enrolment forms

Please also download our Enrolment Forms​ from this website and bring these completed forms to your interview. If you are unable to download the forms please collect an enrolment pack from our school office.​

    6.Transition Program

Our Transition Program is designed to support your child in their year prior starting prep.  These  opportunities will be held throughout the year and aim to help you and your child transition to school and feel comfortable at Regents Park State School.

For specific information about Transition Days, please contact the school on 3802 4333 or email our Enrolments Officer on ​

Privacy Statement

The Department of Education, through Regents Park State School, is collecting personal information in accordance with Education (General Provisions) Act 2006 in order to maintain student records. The information will only be accessed by Department of Education. The information will not be given to any other person or agency unless consent is provided.​


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