Our school


​Regents Park State School is situated in the western corridor of Logan City on Emerald Drive, Regents Park. The student population comes from a diverse range of socio- economic and cultural backgrounds.  It is a co-educational school with about 700 students in year levels Prep to Year 6. A number of students present with a non-English speaking background which necessitates working with our English as a Second Language Teacher on intensive language programs. Our school also caters for students with disabilities.

We have a whole school focus on continuous improvement through students being 'in class, on task and learning' as we implement sequential focused teaching and learning lessons. Curriculum programs for Years Prep to 6 are developed around the Australian Curriculum of English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography and Health. Cooperative Teacher Teams plan English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities unit plans with specific work undertaken in all learning areas, each teaching year level identifying a teacher to lead each of the teaching/learning areas. We have a Two Deputy Principals, Two Heads of Department (Curriculum) and an Inclusive Support Team that ensure teacher knowledge and application of the Learning Areas of English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Information Communication Technologies.

Sport and Health is considered an integral and important of all children's development, with a specialist PE teacher teaching all year levels. Each year students participate in Athletics Carnivals and Cross Country. Years 1 and 2 received swimming lessons, Years 3-6 competing at the Annual Swimming Carnival. Years 5 and 6 participate in 2 seasons of inter-school sport. Throughout the year a number of other opportunities arise for students to participate in physical/sporting activities including staff/student competitions, the P&C run Walkathon and other lunch time activities.

All members of the school community are encouraged to see themselves as active leaders across many aspects of school organisation. In accordance with the school’s values and beliefs, a wide range of opportunities is provided for students and staff to develop in many different areas and in a very supportive environment.  We elect School Captains and Vice Captains to lead our Student Leadership body. Sports House and Vice Captains, Music Captains and ICT Captains all form a vital part of our Student Leadership Team. Students from Prep to Year 3 are chosen as Class Captain each term. They perform leadership roles in their classrooms at an appropriate level and meet in a Junior Student Council once per term. Their ideas are then passed on the formal Student Council.  Students in Years 4 and 5 are voted as Student Councillors for the each term and they represent their classes in the Student Council. Student Leaders in Year 6 are automatically members of the Student Council for the full year. Our school enjoys strong community support through the Parents and Citizens Association volunteers, classroom volunteers, and the operation of a healthy teaching and learning environment.

School rules

  • Safety@Regents we demonstrate safety when we conduct ourselves with care and responsibility.
  • Teamwork@Regents we demonstrate teamwork when  we work and play co-operatively.
  • Achievement@Regents we demonstrate achievement when we are prepared and willing to participate.
  • Respect@Regents we demonstrate respect when we speak and behave in a considerate and well-mannered way.

This set of expectations is aimed at making Regents Park State School a safe and happy school, in which learning and teaching can occur most effectively by promoting and encouraging appropriate choices in all leaning and play situations. The Year 6 Leadership Program offers students opportunities to participate as School Captains and Vice-Captains and Sports House Captains while Years 4 to 6 students participate in the Student Council. Prep to Year 3 students are nominated for Class Captain each term.

At Regents Park State School, involvement in your child’s schooling may take many forms. You are invited to participate in the Parents and Citizens Association which meets regularly and supports the school, its activities and programs. You may also have time to become a volunteer around the school – in classrooms, in the canteen, the uniform shop, the Resource Centre, sports involvement and many other areas. At Regents Park State School education is considered a partnership between parents, caregivers, students and teachers.

School motto

Every Child Succeeds – when they are achieving we will see engagement, confidence, self-motivation and we will see the celebration of success.


Your Child, Our Student, Their Future. 


At Regents Park State School we work together with your child, as our student, to prepare them for their future. We are working together to maximise achievement for every learner to become an engaged, global citizen.


  • Safety
  • Teamwork
  • Achievement
  • Respect


School Community

  • is a community with purpose
  • promotes achievement
  • encourages learners
  • develops creative thinkers
  • takes pride in our environment

Each of us

  • is responsible and accountable
  • co-operates and grows together
  • actively participates
  • explores new ways
  • takes individual and collective action

We look forward to working together with you and your child as partners in the Regents Park State School community.

Mrs Veronica Kostaschuk - Principal​


Last reviewed 26 February 2022
Last updated 26 February 2022